You already have to replace your child's shoes often due to their quickly growing feet; you shouldn't have to replace them due to quality also!
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Sources like Web MD, say that your toddler will need a new pair of shoes every 2-4 months! Now imagine if between those 2-4 months you are replacing them even more often due to durability?


mooshu TRAINERS' are made with:

  • Leather as the outer material
  • Breathable linings
  • Durable rubber soles-just where active toddlers need it and
  • Rounded edges which helps reduce stumbles and falls!

Do your other children shoe brands check all those boxes?

Aside from durability, what other qualities should you look for when picking your little one's newest shoes?

Soft vs. rudder soles?

Soft shoes are cute for babies who are not yet active, but as children learn to walk and eventually run, they need shoes that will secure their feet to protect them falls.


Open vs. closed toes?

We ultimately recommend waiting to dress your little one in open toes until they've mastered walking; which is usually around age 2. Open toed shoes, although super cute, don't allow for as much support as sneakers or boots do.


New vs used?

While used shoes (or hand-me-downs) may seem like a good idea as it can be more cost effective, used shoes have already molded to another foot making it unsafe for the current child to master being upright on two feet safely. Because of this, we never sell used shoes. All our shoes, clearance included, will all ways be unworn and brand new.


Getting the perfect fit!

Use our sizing guide to insure you have the perfect fit for your little one! And don't worry if you accidently order the incorrect size; just send us an email letting us know and once we get your shoe returned back to us we'll ship out the correct size to you at no additional charge! Check out our return policy here.Candles Sneakers | Toddler Squeaky ShoesCandles Sneakers | Toddler Squeaky Shoes


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