Holiday Style and Sanity

Holiday Style and Sanity

We are so excited for the holidays so let’s talk Holiday Style and how to keep our sanity over this busy season.

First let’s talk Style
My first piece of advice is to definitely get on the Mary Jane train! These are the most versatile shoes for us girls. It can be dressed up or down with any occasion and outfit. We love our Mary Janes for the holidays. They come in pink, hot pink, black, red and silver. Of course you have many options without sparkle too. The shoes shown on our sweet little model are the pink sparkle Mary Janes. I will be dressing up my little girl in these and heading to see the Nutcracker Ballet this holiday season. Of course family pictures are a must to show off your family style and sparkle. Another sweet option for these shoes is taking the bows off and using them in your sweetie’s hair.


Second, for we love our popular Bailey Boots. They come in navy/red perfect for those photos with Santa! They are great for cold weather and just plain coziness and comfort. We love style and comfort which we offer in every single shoe we offer. Don’t forget you can squeak or not squeak with our removable option.

johnny boot in brown

Now for Sanity
Who’s with me when I say, the holidays can be quite stressful! Can I get an “Amen” on that one? We have some amazing tips on how to keep your sanity so you can enjoy the season.

First, you MUST make time every day for yourself. This doesn’t have to be a big chunk of time but at least a 15 minute break to do something you love. You might be a reader, a journaler or a crafter. Pick one every day and spend a little time on your passion. As parents we are constantly serving others, which is an amazing job to have, but it can make you weary and worn…am I right?

Second, wake up every morning just a few minutes earlier than the household to have some quiet reflective time to yourself. I suggest you write in a gratitude journal. This starts your day with a positive mindset and really reminds you of the wonderful things you have going on in your life. Print quotes that inspire you and place them in your journals too. Notice my coffee and a candle is included. This is a must for my reflective time to center and calm my soul.

Third, do something good with your children for others this holiday. Being grateful also means showing others your heart and concern. You can simply bake a treat (or buy) for your local firemen and take to their station. You can serve at your local soup kitchen, invite a neighbor over for coffee that you haven’t seen in a while, or make gingerbread cookies and take to a children’s home. These are just a few suggestions but we would love to hear ways you show gratitude over the holidays.

Fourth, planning and preparation can make the holidays a less stressful time. Ok, so you have grandparents coming in on both sides of the family. Take some time to plan out some activities to do either at the house or at the local park to get your kids moving. We all know kids that are not moving for long periods of time are bored and therefore tend to act out. Take the kids on nature walks and describe things they see. Remember our post on travel…bring out the camera and let them take pictures that inspire them. Talk about things you saw on your nature walk at dinner. I bet your kids will amaze you with things you might have missed. Seeing the world through “child like eyes” is an amazing gift and keeps life light.

Last but not Least, hire a sitter or ask your family to watch the kids for a couple of hours so you can go on a date with your significant other. This sounds silly but is so necessary to connect over the chaos. You can go shopping together or go out for coffee. I know couples who love to work out together. If you are not walking or moving over the holidays, the stress will start attacking your body and mind.
We hope you were inspired today with our holiday style and Sanity tips. Take care sweet parents of the world and know we are with you every SWEET STEP of the WAY!

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