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Your baby is walking. You want well-designed toddler squeaky shoes that are gentle on growing feet and encourage a proper heel to toe gait. You also want them to be cute, comfortable and fun so that wearing shoes won't be a daily struggle.

1. Flexible soles and soft materials that bend with every step.

2. Removable squeaker promotes healthy heel-to-toe gait.

3. Wide toe box designed for the unique shape of toddler feet.

4. Fashion-forward, cute styling to delight toddlers and parents.

About Us

Founded in 2005, Mooshu Trainers has always been about creating a squeaky shoe that encouraged little walkers to take their first steps with excitement and joy. We design shoes that adhere to three core principles; width, thickness, and flexibility without compromising style. From Mary Janes, boots to sandals there is a style that every child can enjoy as they grow through their early walking years.

We are the home of the original squeaky bow shoe. With the interchangeable bow it is a simple way to match outfits and shoes. It’s a great design that has a small flower on top of the upper that you simply slide the clip through. For the days when you do not want a bow you have a sweet flower design. The interchangeable squeaky bow shoe is fun and with the squeaker in the heel serves a purpose as well!