Our Story: 

As customers and now owners of Mooshu Trainers, we are excited to carry on the legacy that brought our family joy through the years. Mooshu Trainers are a fun, whimsical toddler shoe that is based on the principles of comfort, flexibility and style to get your little one from playpen to playground.

As parents, we chose Mooshu Trainers for our own children because we wanted their first shoes to be well-constructed with quality materials, and be designed to promote proper gait when learning to walk, run, dance and skip. Of course, we wanted them to be cute, too.

Founded in 2005, Mooshu Trainers has always been about creating a squeaky shoe that encouraged little walkers to take their first steps with excitement and joy. We design shoes that adhere to three core principles; width, thickness, and flexibility without compromising style. From Mary Janes, boots to sandals there is a style that every child can enjoy as they grow through their early walking years.

We are the home of the original squeaky bow shoe. With the interchangeable bow it is a simple way to match outfits and shoes. It’s a great design that has a small flower on top of the upper that you simply slide the clip through. For the days when you do not want a bow you have a sweet flower design. The interchangeable squeaky bow shoe is fun and with the squeaker in the heel serves a purpose as well!

The squeaker placed in the heel is all about our playful and practical approach. The squeaker squeaks when walking heel to toe. The sound encourages your little one to explore their world with enthusiasm and excitement!

We value impeccable customer service, and we are grateful for the overwhelming customer support and enthusiasm for our brand.

We love Mooshu Trainers. Thank you for loving Mooshu, too!

How Did We Get Our Name?

Besides the fact that Mooshu is just plain fun to say, and easy for a toddler to pronounce, we are named after a delightful East Asian plant known as the Sweet Osmanthus.

This lovely plant produces bunches of delicate, fragrant blossoms whose scent and flavor are compared to peach, jasmine or apricot. In China, osmanthus tea combines these sweet petals with traditional tea leaves for a soothing drink.

A species of the Osmanthus, grown in the United States is more commonly known as a Tea Olive tree.

The sweet scent of the Mooshu flower
inspired the sweet style of our Mooshu Trainers.

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