Holiday Family Photo Tips

Holiday Family Photo Tips

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Holiday Family Photo Tips | Mooshu Trainers

The holidays are right around the corner and this is a wonderful time to grab some love through the camera with your family. It can be stressful however, picking out what to wear. We have some tips to make this an enjoyable experience.

What to wear/Styling Tips:

  1. Be prepared to leave the house early enough to get to your session 15 minutes early. Starting a session stress free makes the whole process a more enjoyable one for your family.
  2. The best time to shoot is an hour and a half before sunset. This ensures you will not have sun blasting on your faces because the inevitable squinting happens.
  3. Mooshu Trainers have a wonderful selection of dressy and casual shoes for your shoot. My favorite, the Mary Janes can be dressy with the bow or without. I love the picture above because we coordinated the red Mary Janes with the red in the mother’s outfit, but in little details like matching shoes and adding a pop of red in the mother’s belt. Of course the Sawyer shoe can virtually go with anything and is a real classic.
  4. When picking clothes for your family, the most important thing to remember is: these photos should reflect your family’s personality. If wearing dresses is not your daughter’s cup of tea, don’t make her wear one. She will hate the experience and will be uncomfortable.
  5. Less is more when it comes to patterns. If you want to incorporate patterns, make sure to blend them with solids. If there are five of you for instance, maybe two of you could have some pop of color while the others have colors that complement each other. Different shades of a cool or a warm color can be beautifully paired with a little patterned scarf or sweater.
  6. You will most likely get some individual pics of your children so if they have a favorite teddy bear or book etc., make sure to take it with you to your session.
  7. Jewelry can either make or break your look. Less is more, I always say! You really want the attention to be drawn to the coziness and love of the family in your picture and not so much your bling! One long necklace strand can be nice but large earrings that draw the eye might distract from the overall feel of the picture.
  8. It helps to lay out your clothes in a row a week ahead to see how they look together. The last thing you want is to rush around the day of frantically trying to find substitutions. This stresses you and your family out and nobody wants to take photos feeling that way.
  9. Make sure you have snacks and water ready for young children. A cranky child is not a happy family picture!
  10. Make sure to go out for ice cream after and celebrate this beautiful year’s documentation of your growing family. You did it!

We hope these tips will help you with your Holiday Family Photos and make it an enjoyable experience. This should be something you look forward to every year and not dread. We hope you bring Mooshu Trainers along with you on this beautiful journey.



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