5 Reasons to LOVE Mooshu Trainers

5 Reasons to LOVE Mooshu Trainers

(Silver Sparkle Mary Janes shown here)

We want your child to sparkle this winter season with our amazing design with your child’s development in mind. Let’s face it, they are more than just a shoe with a squeaker in them.  They actually help your child develop a healthy heel to toe walking gait while they are giggling to the sound of the squeak with every step.  We have five reasons why you should trust and LOVE our shoe technology.

Let’s talk about how Mooshu Trainers are constructed.


This carefully thought out shoe begins with the flexible sole and soft linings making it comfortable for your toddler to wear all day. I don’t know about you, but a cranky toddler that has aching feet is not fun to be around. They will also develop an aversion to wearing shoes at all while giving you chronic migraines.


We have Velcro straps, zippers and faux gore laces to allow for easy on and off. This will allow your child to learn how to put their shoes on with no frustration and feel confident in their own dressing day to day. Nurturing your child’s confidence early on will help them develop into happy independent school age children. Believe me, when your children begin dressing themselves before school, you will want a no fuss environment to start your day.


The Squeaker is an amazing technology that pediatricians feel are beneficial to discourage children from toe walking. When you hear the squeak, your child is using a healthy heel to toe walking gait that will help them develop correctly. Unless your child is studying ballet, they do not want to be walking on their toes.


We offer a variety of stylish designs to fit your lifestyle needs. Our Mary Janes are versatile, offering a removable bow for less dressy occasions. We love using them as hair accessories too. The Blue and Red Bailey boot can be worn on girls and boys.


A few words on our squeakers…

They are removable but not easy for toddlers or babies to remove. We love to keep our squeakers in while we are at the store so we can keep an ear out for roaming toddlers. When you are at home and need some quiet time, simply remove the squeaker and replace with our non-squeaker. It is as simple as that! We hope you will choose Mooshu Trainers for your child’s journey and development.

Here are some of our most popular styles:

mary jane and bailey combined

The Bailey Boot                                                              Mary Janes

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